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About Murphy's:

This tried and true go-to for thirty plus years in the middle of the Virginia-Highland has a cafe, bakery and wine shop in an expansive space. We can always count on Murphy's!

Phone: (404) 872-0904
Culinary Team
  • Tom Murphy - Owner

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Murphy's Murphy's 826 reviews Murphy's on Yelp
Saad A.'s Review Saad A.
5 Stars

I can only comment on the dessert as that was the sole reason I went here.

We got the Trio dessert and needless to say it was delicious! The dessert was...

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Laura S.'s Review Laura S.
3 Stars

I went to Murphy's for brunch with high expectations after hearing a lot about this place, but I was a little bit let down. Food was ok and nothing amazing,...

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Marcie B.'s Review Marcie B.
2 Stars

While visiting Atlanta, came here at the recommendation of a friend. A wait was expected, but I would rather be told that I will have to wait 35 minutes and...

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Google Reviews:

Murphy's Restaurant

4.3 out of 5 stars

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5 out of 5 stars

Brunch is the best. However, go early because they do not take reservations for brunch. Staff is warm and friendly, food was delicious. Expansive wine options for dinner as well.

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Rebecca Sharp

1 out of 5 stars

Very disappointing experience. Came here for my fathers birthday (group of 5) with a reservation. They sat us at a table made to seat 4 right by the kitchen, the guest of honor was forced to sit in a chair in the middle of the servers path to the kitchen and bar. Every drink was overwhelmed with ice and watered down. The mint watermelon margarita tasted like diluted mouthwash. Slow service and completely bland food. Won't be coming back here again. Too bad.

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Guyesha Blackshear

2 out of 5 stars

HOW A *4* BECAME A 2.5 I had high expectations for this restaurant considering the fact my boyfriend raved about how he had been a twenty year patron. The experience started off nice as we were greeted by a bubbly host and we were seated immediately. After we sat is when the highly underwhelming dining experience began, we were given very bland/ uninterested/ unenthusiastic service . All servers should have a basic understanding of how to engage a new customer whether it is: - hello or good evening my name is ... - is this your first time dining with us... - what brought you out this evening/ what is the occasion ... - let me tell you about our establishment... No establishment should take advantage of the means of its customer base. As a restauranteur, we must always remember that when a customer patronizes our business they are actively paying with their time and wage. Based on the average bill at Murphy's for two will be roughly $120 for appetizers, dinner, drinks ,and dessert. Based on the 2017 median college graduates hourly income Which equates to $24.00 before taxes and $16.81 after taxes. In short, my dining experience cost me 7.13 work hours, without tip for an experience that lasted less than 1 hour. When restaurants and staff fail to recognize this in diminishing economy the connection can be lost forever. Make no mistake Murphy's has been around for 35 years and they are in no risk of going anywhere anytime soon. But, remember no one is Too big to fail. HIGHLIGHTS: The meatloaf was to die for and the Pepper shrimp was amazing. Everything I ate tonight was as great as what my boyfriend described it to be for him over the past 22 years. I hope that they can find more suitable server to represent what the founders created 35 years ago. As a left Murphy's, my boyfriend asked the delightful bartender the name of our server Blake. PS: My boyfriend would like for you all to bring back the Murphy's baked potato and the original crab cake recipe.