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About Murphy's:

This tried and true go-to for thirty plus years in the middle of the Virginia-Highland has a cafe, bakery and wine shop in an expansive space. We can always count on Murphy's!

Phone: (404) 872-0904
Culinary Team
  • Tom Murphy - Owner

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Antonio R.'s Review Antonio R.
4 Stars

Update review for dinner: wanted to try dinner. We started with an appetizer of avocado toast ($16). Yeah that's right. I ordered the meatloaf and it was...

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Doug C.'s Review Doug C.
5 Stars

This is a "Special Occasion" spot for me. I like to surprise my lady with a reservation here after or before a special event or outing. Murphy's is such a...

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Kathy T.'s Review Kathy T.
1 Stars

Extremely Disappointing

My overall experience was quite disappointing. They lost our reservation and the host didn't try to make right until the host...

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Google Reviews:

Murphy's Restaurant

4.4 out of 5 stars

Antonio Rocha

4 out of 5 stars

Update review for dinner: wanted to try dinner. We started with an appetizer of avocado toast ($16). Yeah that’s right. I ordered the meatloaf and it was very good ($18). I also ordered an old fashioned but was a little disappointed because of the ice. The ice in the old fashioned should be one big piece not little pieces of ice. It wasters it down. Hence I’m taking one star away. They should know better.Brunch: Why I haven’t been to Murphy’s before is beyond me. I love a good brunch and boy is there brunch good. The food is out of this world and so are there muffins and breads. Yesterday I ordered the friend chicken instead of the crab cakes and I was thrilled. I love every single bite and can’t wait to go back for more. My partner ordered the north Georgia trout and he love his meal as well.

Khurram Hassan

2 out of 5 stars

We used to come here all the time as a family and I used to come here for business meetings. However, a year ago my son and I got sick after a meal there and they refused to allow for the fact it might have been the food or drink at the restaurant. The young manager politely went through a dozen questions about when we ate there, what we ate, how long before symptoms appeared, what were the symptoms, etc. I've never been so many questions but after the dozen questions he concluded that we became sick too quickly so it could not have been their food. I tried to explain that it was the only food we had eaten that day before getting sick. He politely shrugged that aside and said it had nothing to do with them.We have not been back since then. Our friends and family were surprised that Murphy's would be this stubborn about a simple credit for a meal. We have not been back since. With so many good options for great food in Atlanta, we don't miss it. However, we loved the atmosphere and friendly staff. One of my former employees worked there as well. I used to love bringing clients as well but I take then somewhere else now.

roberto jesus trombetta

1 out of 5 stars

I came to this restaurant with high expectations after it was recommended to me by a friend. I showed up with some friends that were visiting from Florida for the first time in 6 years. I was let down horribly by their service, We were a party of five and were turned away because "they didn't accept parties of 5". There were clearly plenty of tables where they could have sat us. They could have added a chair to a table. But no, instead we were told that we had to leave because they wouldn't accept a 5 person party "had we been 4 people we would be accepted". I'd like to point out that we were all dressed appropriately and were being very polite. We were treated horribly in return. I'm sad to say this because I was told their food was good. Overall horrible experience, definitely not returning.